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Teach Arabic with fun

octobre 01, 2020

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 If you are, like us, a plurilingual parent from an Arab country who have the following challenge: teach Arabic to your child(ren), you must read this article! We guess easily that, like us, you want the teaching to be fun and not too academic in order to avoid the risk that it could become a daily weight for your children who can be reluctant then. Thus, we would like today to share some tips with you, that I hope will help you teach Arabic to your child(ren) while having them have fun! Because yes, learning Arabic while having fun is possible 😉

1- Label the interior of the house with post-it: the door, the window, the oven, the shower, the wardrobe … Stick, on all these elements of your home, some post-it on which you will have written beforehand, in Arabic,qw the words corresponding to the objects.

2- Speak to them in Arabic but not only! Sing them Arabic rhymes and have them sing with you! 😉 It’s a funny way for them to listen the language!

3- Be on the lookout for language workshops around your home and take your children with you! It will allow them to listen to Arabic in a new way and to communicate in Arabic with other children their age. As a result, it must motivate them further in learning the language! You can also take them to Arabic language community events if the opportunity arises.

4- If you or your spouse is from an Arab country and have family fluent in Arabic, give them the opportunity to communicate with them, even if they live very far away. Thanks to social media such as Skype for example, it is now possible to make video discussions with anybody, anywhere in the world! So, take this advantage! It is important for the child to be aware of the usefulness of learning this additional language and, by communicating with the Arab family he will understand the first purpose: being able to understand and be understood by his/her family members.

5- Speak Arabic in everyday activities! The shopping can allow to teach the names of fruits and vegetables; a visit to the Zoo can allow to teach animal names… Also, when you cook with your children, use recipes written in Arabic! This tip is a great way to combine fun and teaching! 😉

6- If your children can read and start to read Arabic too, have them read, starting with comic strips that don’t have much text. You can also keep a diary together. Each day, write something about the day. You can begin with only several words and then, after some weeks, you can write a sentence, then several sentences… Do it according to the rythm of your children, you don’t have to rush!

7- Have them play in Arabic! With board games – obviously think about Alaabi games! ;)-, flashcards … Also, you can give them riddles in Arabic or have them play the game “I guess”.

I hope that these tips will be useful to you and will allow you to brighten up your Arabic teaching for your children! Tell us about your experiences in comment! 🙂


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