My Little Grocery - Fruits & Vegetables


Alaabi is collaborating with Zingo Ringo to complement the store's Arabic offering.

Our best-selling food series is back with a new addition!  And this one may just be our favorite!  Filled with so much color, incredible story-telling, fun factoids and the signature vivid and fun illustration style found in the first books, and you have yourself a winning combination!

FRUITS & VEGGIES are the absolute essence of every meal.  Breakfast with cucumbers or tomato slices?  Yes please.  Molokhia, Kousa Ma7shi or Bamia for lunch?  Yummy yummy!  A nice green salad for dinner?  Oh yes!  A carrot cake for dessert?  With pleasure.  Fruits and vegetables make their way into every single meal and are at the very core of healthy eating. Introduce your children to the different types of fruits and veggies, how they grow and what "eating the rainbow" means! Don't forget to look for the cheeky spider along the way!  


Publication date: 22 Nov 2022 ISBN: 9782940686049 Size: 200 x 160 mm Length: 16 pages Ages: 4+