Arabicouples & Chkobba kids Bundle

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Experience the fusion of tradition and entertainment with the Arabicouples & Chkobba Bundle.

Game of the Arab Countries - ARABICOUPLES

A card game that allows children (and adults) to discover the different Arab countries and their traditional clothes. These cards are a great way to start conversing in Arabic with children to enrich their vocabulary and give them confidence to speak the language.

Each of the 22 countries of the Arab League is represented by a couple wearing traditional dress and holding the flag of his country. The players need to finish their cards quickly and thus, they must find the pairs without keeping the “Scorpion” card!

Numbers Game – CHKOBBA KIDS

A dynamic cards game, inspired by a popular and traditional game in Tunisia.

The goal is to achieve a maximum of points, picking up the cards and adding the numbers up to 10. This is a great interactive game that allows children:
– to discover the Eastern and Western Arabic numerals,
– to teach children to count, to add and to play in a team.