My First Arabic Words: The Face Parts


Download and print this form to teach Arabic to children and enrich their vocabulary in a fun way.

What is this for ?

Learn to pronounce and write the different parts of the face.

How to use it?

Print this ressources in real size. (Do not let the printer scaling, if you do the size of the squares will no longer match the size of the Arabicubes). 

Put the cards in front of the student or child with the Arabicubes.

Depending on his level of command of the Arabic language ask him to pronounce the name of the part of the face or do it. Then ask your child to compose the word with the alphabet cubes.

You can facilitate/accelerate the task by indicating the color of the letter.

Autocorrection: the student can compare the result of his/her work with the word written on the page.

No printer, no problem! Point at the parts of your face and ask the child to compose the words with the arabicubes.