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Alaabi is collaborating with Dar Wawi to complement the store's Arabic offering.

"Good morning”, “Please”, “Bye"...

Wawi publishing is pleased to present to you the book “What Do We Say?”

Through it, kids will have fun and utter their first "polite" words.

Sound book to learn the words and language and stimulate vocabulary acquisition, press a button and discover the first magic words and sounds.

The book contains:

First "polite" words
Rich illustrations and sounds

Language: Arabic
Year: 2023
Book Type: Printed Illustrated Sound Book
No. Pages: 10
Reading Age: 0+
Written by Cybelle Youssef Comair
Illustrated by Chantale Chammas
Voice by Julia Sabra

Weight: 0.68 kg
Dimensions: 15 × 15 × 1.5 cm