CD - Theatre Musical - What Happened in Kfar Menkhar?


Alaabi is collaborating with The Lebanese Puppet Theatre. 

It is the story of a beautiful village called "Kfar Mankhar", which started to be filled with litter and garbage because residents don’t want to clean it! But one day, something unthinkable happens.. the "noses" of its residents started to escape because of the bad smells. Everyone is shocked when they see their faces without a nose! What will happen?

Listen to these beautiful, engaging and very funny songs with the children who will not only enjoy the songs but also make sure to keep their surrounding tidy and clean!

The Lebanese Puppet Theatre is a theatrical organization specialized in puppets, founded by the director Karim Dakroub. It aims at spreading and developing the art of puppetry throughout Lebanon, and at interacting with the Arab and Mediterranean world.