My First Arabic Words: Summer


Let’s grow our Arabic vocabulary in a fun way! With these printable resources you can do it effortlessly and while playing.

What is this for ?
To learn important words around Summer, but also to learn to write them in Arabic using the different forms of letters.

How to use it ?
Print these resources in real size. (Do not let the printer scaling, if you do, the size of the squares will no longer match the size of the Arabicubes.)
Put the cards in front of the student or the child with the Arabicubes.
Ask him/her to say the concept from summer or do it yourself. Then ask your child to compose the word with the alphabet cubes.

Do not forget to name the letters and explain the different forms.
Autocorrection: The child can compare the result of his/her work with the word written on the page.

No printer, no problem! You may say the words and then ask the child to compose it using the Arabicubes.

These printables as based on the New Arabicubes Edition.