My Little Grocery - Honey


Alaabi is collaborating with Zingo Ringo to complement the store's Arabic offering.

HONEY...mmm...that sticky sweet gift from nature that is full of antioxidants and is known for its healing properties. No wonder it's Pooh Bear's favorite food!  This is a lovely book to explain just how the tiny little bee contributes to the nature around us and to the food we eat.  Stunning vibrant illustrations and countless discussion opportunities make it an absolute delight to flip through over and over again.

A delightful series that will introduce your little ones to basic foods they eat in a child-friendly, age-appropriate, clever, fun, highly visual and exciting way!  Because food is life and we believe it's important that the smallest little loves in our lives appreciate real food and understand their origins. After all, healthy eating habits start young.  Filled with fun factoids, witty illustrations and lots of humor, these books are perfect for encouraging play-based learning, creating discussions over meals and stimulating your little ones' curious, growing minds. And because we know that kids love nothing more than a good game of hide and seek, we've hidden a cheeky little spider in every book. Now go find him!


Publication date: 27 Oct 2021 ISBN: 9782940686032 Size: 200 x 160 mm Length: 16 pages Ages: 4+