Ramadan Memory Game


Alaabi is collaborating with Zingo Ringo to complement the store's Arabic offering.

Here a bunch of colourful balloons, there a delicious plate of dates. Ah! The storyteller in the tent is about to tell a tale…. Hmm, where is the second storyteller hiding? What you need now are concentration and a good memory. The exciting search for image pairs can begin!

Introducing our very 1st game... and it's bilingual!! This fun addition to our Ramadan franchise is suitable for ages 4-99 meaning the whole family can come together for an entertaining game of matching pairs while learning new words through beautiful Ramadan-inspired imagery… is your memory good enough to win?


Publication date: 27 Jan 2024 Box Size: 167 x 115 mm Contents: 48 high-quality cards (24 pairs) + bilingual instruction sheet Ages: 4-99