Best Arabic games | Learn Arabic while having fun

December 02, 2022

Best Arabic games | Learn Arabic while having fun

Arabic is a very rich and vast language that is widely spoken throughout the world. Both kids and adults can equally now enjoy learning it as there are many interesting games to learn Arabic while having fun.

We will discuss the best Arabic games here, to guide you on how to make the journey of learning Arabic interesting and fun for kids. 

How can you learn Arabic using games?

Fortunately, the covid-19 pandemic made it easier to learning Arabic online while home as online resources became more accessible to all.

Now that covid-19 is behind us, schools and people are buying again Arabic educational games and toys. A very reliable and credible platform today is This platform is unique because it offers a wide range of educational games and resources for parents and teachers alike. They can rely on the material and create their own to complement their teaching strategies while using Alaabi games. Using Alaabi's material has proven to be very successful with kids: they learn Arabic quickly and happily.

When people ask why Arabic is difficult, how can we make Arabic easy to learn, we say by decoding the language and embracing its different dialects. That is why we rely on learning through playing technics and use Arabic games online


A list of top 10 Arabic games to play:

When you decide to learn or teach Arabic, we recommend starting by using high-quality games and toys which are all available at Alaabi Site, then have a deeper look at the following collection of games to choose from the most relevant for the age and level. All the games and toys are designed to facilitate the learning and teaching process.

Note: You can also use these Arabic games in your online Arabic classes for kids

ARABICUBES - Arabic alphabets blocks:

This is an inter-generational Arabic alphabet game in the form of wooden blocks that facilitates the learning and writing of Arabic language. The beautiful, hand-printed and high quality solid wooden cubes help visualise the different forms of
the Arabic letters by turning the cubes upwards or downwards. Each cube is 1 letter in all its forms and the half cubes are there to help with tashkil (vocalisation). 

VOKALIMAT - Arabic vocabulary board game:

This is a 2-in-1 fun board game for the family and is also used as a modular kit for Arabic teachers. It has been designed to help kids widen their vocabulary in Arabic while playing. 

It is an Arabic charade games for children and a grammatical resource. You can find it here Arabic vocabulary game and learn new words in Arabic: nouns/adjectives, verbs/adverbs, colours, shapes in masculine/feminine, singular/plural, and much more. You can also add Arabic DIALECTS! it is the latest new addition to this board game. Play the game in Egyptian, Palestinian, Moroccan, Lebanese and Emirati dialects now to experience all the fun!  

ARABILETTERS - Arabic alphabet sound puzzle game:

This Arabic Alphabet sound puzzle is a fun and exciting way for young children to be introduced to the Arabic language. It is a very helpful toy tool to help your child improve hands-eyes coordination, develop fine motor and listening skills and learn to concentrate. Listen to the name of the Arabic letters: Alef, baa, taa etc. and see how children repeat them proudly!

It is specially designed to keep kids engaged and make them love Arabic.

CHKOBBA KIDS - Arabic Number game:

The Arabic Numbers game is a versatile card game, designed by professionals to achieve a maximum of points, picking up the cards and adding the numbers up to 10.

This is a great interactive game that allows children to discover Eastern and Western Arabic numerals and to play with many other players.

ARABICITY - Wooden memory game:

This is a very unique memory game that highlights traditional Arab architectural heritage. Children need to uncover 2 cards, if they are the same, they win and continue, otherwise, they cover them again and it is the next player's turn. 

ARABICOUPLES - Game of the Arab countries:

This costumes card game allows children (and adults) to discover the different Arab countries and their traditional clothes.

These cards are a great way to start conversing in Arabic with children to enrich their vocabulary and give them the confidence to speak the language.

The Arab countries are represented by a couple wearing traditional dress and holding the flag of their country. Kids need to guess the country’s name.

Alaabi's educational Arabic language games are a great way to help learn the language creating an immersive environment whether at school or at home.

Which printable Arabic resources to use?

There is a large variety of free printable and worksheets that are designed to help kids learn and practice Arabic lessons.

At Alaabi, you can get multi-topic worksheets with attractive illustrations, colors, and text sizes to use with the Arabicubes and enhance the independent learning skills. Some of the topics covered are:

Large Arabic letters:

Transform these large Arabic letters into coloring sheets. The kids can use play-dough, sandpaper, etc for learning and revising the letters.

My first Arabic words (animals):

These are designed to learn the names of animals and writing them in Arabic using the different forms of letters.

My first Arabic words (vegetables):

These are made to learn the names of vegetables and to practice to write them down correctly in Arabic.

My first Arabic words (the face parts):

These printable worksheets are made to learn to pronounce and write the different parts of the face.

My first Arabic words (fruits):

These worksheets help kids learn the names, colors, and tastes of the fruits in Arabic.

My first Arabic words (seasons):

Let your kids learn about seasons in the Arabic language and associate all the details of each season with them in Arabic.

Let’s learn colors and shapes:

Shapes and colors are amongst the very first words that toddlers learn in their native language and use to describe what surrounds them. Teach kids the shapes and colors in Arabic with these printable worksheets.

My first Eid-ul-Adha- 6 words:

These worksheets are designed to make kids learn important adjectives regarding Eid-al-Adha, and to write them in Arabic using the different forms of letters.

Arabic map and sites story:

This map of the Arab world shows the geographical location of the various places in the game, as well as a small description of each of the architectural monuments illustrated.

FAQs regarding Arabic games for kids

We are delighted to answer your queries. Please write to us should you have any concern in teaching Arabic to children.

How can I make my Arabic class fun?

You can apply different teaching techniques by using these Arabic games / toys and worksheets to create a modern session and a lively classroom. 

You can also watch how schools are using the games here 


How to help your kids stay interested in learning Arabic?

Read and read and read again! Keep talking in Arabic and use interactive educational resources to help kids stay interested. 

Which Arabic games for beginners should I start teaching with?

There are many Arabic games for beginners. You can start with teaching letters, colors, numbers, face parts, Arab countries, etc.

Can parents buy and use educational games for kids?

Anyone can buy the available resources online. They are made to help and guide you whether you are a parent or a teacher. 


Learning Arabic through play and games is proven to be one of the best methodologies in teaching. Kids spend an enjoyable time whether at home or at school. Use available online resources to get help and assistance. The main objective is to make Arabic learning easy and fun.

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