How Arabicubes are helping children with learning difficulties, learn Arabic?

July 27, 2022

How Arabicubes are helping children with learning difficulties, learn Arabic?
Case study: Naya, an 8-year-old young girl is presenting difficulties in developing her literacy skills (learning the Arabic Letters) which is limiting her abilities in reading and writing.

Often, problems in reading and writing at this stage, could affect future school attainment hence why tackling the issue from a very young age using the right supporting material is crucial.

We interviewed Ms. Danielle Feghali, special needs teacher who is using Alaabi’s products during her sessions with young students. We wanted to understand how Alaabi’s products are actually helping kids with learning difficulties.

Below you may find Ms. Danielle Feghali’s answers and also a video highlighting Naya’s progress.

What is Naya’s current literacy level?

She’s in grade 3 but her actual attainment level is for grade 2.

What is hindering her progress?

She finds it really hard to translate what she hears in written words. Her main obstacle is basically when she starts writing.

Can she form simple words?

Yes, she can form simple words using simple syllables. We will then gradually introduce complex words formation but for now, it is simple words that we are makes sure she is comfortable with.

Did the Arabicubes speed her progress?

Arabicubes helped Naya a lot and she is also very happy to see how she can write words after using the Arabicubes first to form them. The Arabicubes were crucial at many levels:

  • Attracting her visual attention: the colors, the shape of the cubes, turning the cubes up and down to search and find the right form of the Arabic letters, manipulating the product which helped her absorbing indirectly the letters formation.
  • Making sure she is now at ease with the acquired knowledge which she can put in practice to accomplish future tasks

In a short time, frame (1 month), we gradually introduced the Arabicubes in each session which has boosted Naya’s confidence in writing words she hears. She is now waiting for the start of the school year in Sep 2022 to continue her sessions and see her progress going further ahead.

What is her progress compared to where she started off?

Naya’s progress is remarkable. Since we started using “Arabicubes”, the material facilitated the transition to writing without fear but at the opposite, it was a challenge that she was happy to take. The fact that she manipulates the cubes to find the correct shape of the Arabic letters, triggered new mental skills that have been crucial in her progress.

Do you think she will catch up on the curriculum?

Each student with learning difficulties can achieve objectives specifically set for them and finish the curriculum at their own pace. Of course, we need to make sure they have adapted material, arrangement and methods suitable to them. Also, I need to highlight that the variety of materials used is very important because it helps deepening the understanding of concepts in multiple ways which makes learning easier and fun.

And when we talk about educational material, we also talk about Arabicubes because it a great product that helps students with different learning difficulties.

What would you advise parents doing when faced with a child who has learning difficulties?

I urge parents to talk about their child’s difficulties and not to hide it. Speak with specialists in order to put a plan in place and start a new adapted learning adventure.

I do not deny that specialized equipment is in short, we cannot find enough of it. We manage to put our hands on something that has proven to be useful, we consider it as a precious gem, and the Arabicubes is one.

Danielle Feghali Nehme

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